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Chicory Roots when dried, roasted and ground, make an excellent substitute for coffee. There is no caffeine in chicory, and it carries a more 'roasted' flavor than coffee does. Many coffee producers offer blends with up to 30% chicory, which cuts down on the caffeine content of your cup. Another perk about chicory is that it's more soluble in water than coffee, which means you use a lot less of it when brewing. It is very economical for someone on a tight budget. Chicory has many health benefits.

Studies have shown that it encourages the growth of beneficial bifido bacteria and lacto bacilli in the gut which promotes nutrient absorption, supports immune function and optimizes digestion. It helps reduce kidney inflammation and increases urine output.In traditional medicine, the plant is used as a bitter tonic to stimulate the liver and digestive tract and cleanse the urinary tract. In Ayurveda, it is said to pacify Kapha and Pitha, and it is used to treat disorders of the gastrointestinal system such as vomiting, diarrhoea, liver and spleen enlargement, dysmenorrheal and amenorrhea. A powder of chicory root in milk helps counter general debility and infusion of seeds is used to treat insomnia oranxiety.

A paste of the leaves can be used as an external application in inflammation, headache, urticaria, gout and burning sensation. Chicory infusion exhibits laxative properties and is harmless.The consumption of chicory in addition to a healthy diet and regular exercise is said to be effective in checking cholesterol. Indeed, chicory is thought to have medicinal qualities for 5,000 years.Chicory is also known to contain a number of nutritional and health benefits. It is also high in Vitamin A, calcium and potassium. It also contains iron, niacin, phosphorus, and other important vitamins and minerals.Most importantly, Chicory has been found to contain a substance called inulin, which is very beneficial to diabetics,as it helps to regulate blood sugar levels. As chicory is also utilized as a sweetener, with a taste comparable to sugar,it makes a great sugar alternative for diabetics as well.