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Chicory Powder
Chocory is high fiber root that can be ground into powder and consumed as a drink, just like coffee. This natural plant source product is rich in carbohydrates, protein, fiber, and several essential vitamins and minerals.
Chicory Cube
Apart from making a beverage, chicory cube can also be used as an essential ingredient in the preparation of food products, like breads, energy bars, protein shakes, yogurt and ice creams. Customers can use this ingredient in many different ways.
Coffee Powder
Always stock your kitchen with coffee powder, as it is an essential drink mix, which is needed to start the day for many. Coffee powder can be used for preparing coffee in many different ways, some like it with milk and some like it without milk.
Chicory Extract
Chicory extract is root extract that produced by extracting soluble and prebiotic inulin from the chicory roots. This is helpful in regulating blood glucose levels and slowing down the progress of diabetes in body.
Roasted Chicory Grains
Roasted chicory grains have typical chicory taste. Chicory root is roasted and ground into the form of grains. The grains sizes available are from 2mm to 7 mm. Get in touch with us to buy these grains.
Pure Liquid Chicory
Pure liquid chicory is supplied widely to the food industry. Due to the flavor of the liquid chicory, it is added into many desserts and main course dishes. Besides the flavor, it also adds color into the cuisines.
Chicory Dried Root
When it comes to purity and shelf life, customers can buy chicory dried root from our company. This dried root can be used for several purposes in many different industries, like food and pharmaceutical.
Malt Extract Powder
The extract of sprouted malt grains is dried to form malt extract powder. This powder contains all nutrients that were in the malt grains. This brownish yellow color, coarse powder is added into various foods and beverages.
Liquid Malt Extract
Get int touch with RK Agroexport Private Limited to get the freshest and purest liquid malt extract. This oxidization protected extract is easy to use. Malt is one of the main ingredients used by breweries.